Cookies for Cooper

I recently decided that as we were always on the lookout for new, healthy and interesting recipes for us to try and hopefully add to our menu, that why shouldn’t that extend to our almost 2 year old silver lab Cooper. My husband and I like to give him a variety of treats, but with all of the ingredients in them, we have been looking for a more natural kind. We want to make sure what he eats is just as healthy as we are trying to be.

I am a Pinterest junkie lol. So as you can probably guess, I went in search of a healthy dog snack recipe. Not only that, but one that is fairly easy to make. Here it is!


I made it and our boy Cooper couldn’t be happier. He jumps around so much when he knows he is going to get a cookie, that I made about 10 batches of them. As they are only fresh for so long, we chose to freeze what Cooper wouldn’t eat in a week. Then using our FoodSaver, we sealed them all up. We did this in December and we are still going strong!

If you are making them for your four-legged friends, be sure to share the recipe with your friends with a sample and keep sharing the happiness! Oh and by the way, you only need 4 ingredients: rolled oats, peanut butter, bananas and eggs. No preservatives!

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